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Time is just an illusion

published 3rd of june 2022

Perhaps one or the other reader can still remember my lift debacle from the previous blog post. In order to fix the problem before the weekend, we drove back to the city of Tampa (Florida). I found a company online that does service for "Braun Ability" (manufacturer of my lift installed in the bus). "Mobility Transportation Systems" specializes in car conversions for people with disabilities, so I was confident that they could find the cause and fix it.

David, the boss himself, took care of the matter and checked the current flow to check our suspicion of a defective relay. However, everything was fine there. So the search continued... after a while David knocked against the motor of the lift with a few hesitant taps and lo and behold, after pressing the remote control again, he ran again as if nothing had happened. Of course that wasn't the solution to the problem, because if I'm standing outside on the ramp and nothing is happening again, I can't knock on the inside. The old engine had probably been in service for 18 years and was starting to deteriorate. It was clear to me: a new one is needed! But as it is, there was none in stock. Knowing full well that the new one wouldn't arrive until the middle of the following week, we ordered it. We were in the area for the week anyway as Sebastian had a course at Zephyrhills. He did what he does best - rigging 😉

In the days that followed, the lift worked perfectly with one exception. However, 1 week (and about 500 dollars) later I was glad that the new motor pump was installed. Since then, the ramp has been running smoothly and with a lot less noise.

The week in Z-Hills was relatively relaxed for me - almost boring, but women know how to help themselves...

"Time lingers long enough for those who want to use it." - Leonardo da Vinci

Every morning & every evening Lennox was allowed to cool down in the pond at the jumping area. PS Dear Fallschirmsportzentrum-Saar, we also need a pond (says Lennox)!😉

Such a drop zone has a number of advantages: interesting encounters, a nice ambience and then free WiFi. 💻

After Seb's successful completion as FAA Master Parachute Riggerss zum FAA Master Parachute Rigger

we made our way to Homosossa Springs (about 80 miles north of Z-Hills) on Friday. I found a spot via Google satellite imagery that seemed like a good place to stay and was also very close to the Wildlife State Park I was planning to visit the next day.

So we were able to explore the park very early the next morning and before the rush of visitors. Wild animals that could no longer survive in the wild are cared for there. Some very impressive animals.

Around noon we started again and drove another 70 miles (approx. 110 km) north-west to Eastpoint. There we unexpectedly found a beautiful spot while walking the dog.

After that we had dinner at Brag'n Bones BBQ restaurant.

We then brazenly spent the night in their parking lot and felt sorry for the campers next to us on the RV park, they must have paid dearly for the view. We also had the sea view - but for free...🤩

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