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New Countdown!

Today is April 22nd, 2022 and actually our flight to the USA would have left 2 days ago. Due to the massive delay of the ship on which the bus is located, I decided about 2 weeks ago to postpone the flight to April 26th. in order to book. What's going on there? To be honest, I ask myself that too... It is said that due to the lack of personnel in the ports due to corona quarantines, the ships of all shipping companies are massively delayed, since loading and unloading takes longer and the ships do not have any idle times in the ports. Seabridge continues: We have not experienced such serious delays before. Sometimes I ask myself whether this journey is simply not granted to me?

As a wise band (EMMA6) so beautifully sang: Between what you set out to do and what comes of it far too often there is a life that is not interested in it

But now I've waited so long for this trip that the few days probably don't matter anymore, do they? I am so looking forward to the moment when we can sit on the plane and take a deep breath. Also because I can finally open one of my 7 envelopes, which dear Paddy prepared me for the trip in painstaking detail work and with such great attention to detail. what's inside I have no idea, but it sure is great! The first one looks promising :-)

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