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The solution is always simple, you just have to find it!

published 27th of may 2022

From DeLand we drove 65 miles near Orlando to Lake Luisa State Park.

On the way I saw that there were still a few places left on the campground. However, I hadn't booked because I (Fuchs) wanted to save the reservation fees of 6 dollars. The camping fees of 24 dollars are enough. After we had settled into our place, we set out to explore the area. We were once again drawn to the lake first.

This time splashing was strictly forbidden for Lennox. I would have liked to have seen a Schni-Schna-Schnappi, but not as he is eating my everything. Sebastian also steadfastly refused to try putting his feet in the water.

So we didn't stay too long at the lake but walked a little through the park. On the way we passed two large dumpsters from which suspicious noises could be heard. Shortly thereafter, the troublemaker showed up with his haul.

A moment later it started to rain, first very lightly and then it poured cats and dogs. We tried to protect ourselves from the rain under the trees - with moderate success.

As we were already soaked we decided to go back to the bus. I was on the Segway and pulled up with Lennox. Arrived at the bus - it was still raining cats and dogs - I drove onto my ramp ready to beam me up. But nothing happened. Even after pressing the up button several times, I was standing around, helpless and soaking wet. When Seb' arrived a few minutes later, he couldn't help but say "oh, I thought you were dry for a long time" accompanied by a malicious grin. Luckily there is an emergency mechanism with which you can pump up the ramp. So he earned his dinner after all. Due to the still critical weather situation, a barbecue was held indoors afterwards. I know, I know, you're not allowed to do that, but enough fresh air was provided.

The next morning we had to get up early because there were still about 1.5 hours of driving ahead of us and we had to be in Tampa by 8 a.m. I had made this appointment at a workshop for international (brand) school buses a few days earlier to get to the bottom of a problem that had been annoying for so long. It's about the loss of power going uphill, which causes the "Warn Engine" indicator lamp to light up. Unfortunately, none of the workshops consulted in Germany could find the cause. Sun State Bus Centers should now be the right place to go. After a detailed description of this problem and that of the previous day (failure of the ramp), we waited for an employee on the bus. We waited more or less patiently for 3.5 hours.

But when someone finally came and we bridged the time in the waiting room, things went relatively quickly.

After about an hour it became clear that the "injection pressure release valve" had to be replaced. Unfortunately, they couldn't help us with the ramp because they don't work on it. Still, I was glad that another hour later the 3-year dilemma finally came to an end, even if it cost me close to $ 1,000.

Actually, it should have cost 1,400 dollars, but I looked very kindly, told them about my "mission adventure" and was ultimately happy about a considerable "wheelchair bonus".

I had reserved a spot at Cypress Creek Preserve for the night. This is a free campsite with no electricity or water that you have to book in advance. It is located in Land O Lakes near Tampa. The way there was just a bumpy dirt road, like the last free campsite in Georgia.

But this time it was worth the trip there.

Besides us there were only 2 other parties; a couple with a large mobile home and 2 dogs and a young couple with a tent. After a walk through the forest it was time to let the drone fly. I actually wanted to make a video, but realized afterwards that I had only taken photos 🙈. But still, better than nothing! I am still practicing 😉

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